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      Hybrid/position less hockey

      Many of you get caught up in your player only playing 1 or 2 positions because of what hand they are or how their mindset is.  I think the below article highlights the need to change that thinking and let your player explore and learn about playing all positions.  With the way hockey is evolving and systems are changing, I believe it is more important than ever for them to be able to play all positions.  They will learn so many things by doing this including timing, spacing, read and react situations, what works best and what doesn't work.  As always,  if you can help this with a positive message at home about the new positions your player will come to the rink with the right mindset.

      Hybrid Players-positionless

      This is a great article on the benefits of your player learning how to play all positions.

      Postive Coaching Alliance

      When a Coach embarrasses a player

      A good video on the best way to coach a player instead of embarrassing them.

      Coaching your kids

      Relevant short video on coaching your own children.