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The goal of West Fargo Hockey Association Compliance is to receive your compliance concern and thoroughly investigate. Our process and procedures are designed to resolve concerns in a timely manner while respecting the importance of conducting a thorough review of the circumstances. 

The West Fargo Hockey Association’s 2023-24 compliance policy will involve submission of the grievance form (link below) for review by the compliance committee. The committee will meet every Monday at noon during the season with follow-up meetings scheduled as needed. The vote of this committee, after thorough investigation and analysis of a filed report, will be the final say in the matter, unless involvement from the North Dakota Amateur Hockey Association, law enforcement, or USA Hockey is necessary.

Thank you for making us aware of your concerns and please be prepared to expand on these concerns when contacted by one of our compliance committee members. The West Fargo Hockey Association has the right to make executive decisions regarding but not limited to; WFHA, NDAHA, and USA Hockey regulations, personal improvement plans, suspensions, coaching, programming, and overall function or structure of hockey operations.

2023-24 Compliance Committee

Voting Officer - James Cailao - WFHA Board Member - Legal Counsel
Voting Officer - Brad Saville - WFHA Member - ND Juvenile Court Officer
Voting Officer - Ross Renner - No ties to WFHA - Retired Law Enforcement
WFHA Hockey Director - Mike Parnell (Coach Communication only)
WFHA Executive Director - Jeremy Jorgenson (Oversight only)

Decisions: all 5 will attend meetings.  The 3 voting officers will investigate and ultimately determine the result. 

Zero Tolerance List

  1. Reported and confirmed obscene profanity and objectionable cheers or offensive gestures towards spectators, officials, or participants at an event.
  2. Reported and confirmed racial slurs of any kind.
  3. Reported and confirmed throwing of any items on the playing surface or into the stands at an event.
  4. Reported, confirmed, or unapproved entering of a locker room.  Locker rooms are private areas for players, coaches, and other certified individuals.
  5. Reported and confirmed contacting of any WFHA Administration, board members, or compliance committee members prior to a mandatory 24-hour waiting period.
  6. Reported and confirmed inappropriate addressing of an issue in front of players, coaches, or at a rink.
  7. Reported and confirmed use of an illegal substance, possession of an illegal substance or use of paraphernalia by WFHA players, coaches, or members during a WFHA event or at any facility used by WFHA.
  8. Reported and confirmed evidence of members threatening officials, members, or non-members.
  9. Reported and confirmed evidence of consistent abusive behavior between players.
  10. Reported and confirmed theft of property.
  11. Reported and confirmed false allegations.
  12. Confirmed inappropriate or obscene use of social media and sports engine chat rooms.
  • The minimum punishment for a zero-tolerance violation will be a two-week suspension from all WFHA sanctioned activities.  Failure to adhere to the suspension could increase penalty to maximum punishment.
  • The maximum punishment for a zero-tolerance violation will be up to suspension for remainder of season from WFHA sanctioned activities for guardians AND players.
  • Separate discipline may be levied by USA Hockey/North Dakota Amateur Hockey Association concerning other USA Hockey/North Dakota Amateur Hockey Association sanctioned activities.  WFHA punishment would be in addition to any mandatory NDAHA or USA hockey timelines.

(Any of the above incidents that involve players must be collaborated, witnessed, or confirmed by a certified supervisor and must have occurred inside the supervision window as outlined in the WFHA Handbook.)

(Incidents not addressed on this list will be handled on a case-by-case basis with punishment determined by compliance committee)