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WFHA Registration Discount Program

By Director of Marketing & Communications, 08/22/18, 1:30PM CDT


Extra! Extra! Read All About It! Chance to save a few hundred bucks...

WFHA Members –

Last year we conducted a customer satisfaction survey and the result indicated a high percentage of members would like the option to reduce fees with extra OPTIONAL fundraising.  As a result, I have an exciting announcement for you this morning.  INTRODUCING RAFFLEMANIA!!

During Monday’s board meeting I proposed the following registration discount program and the GUN RAFFLEMANIA REGISTRATION DISCOUNT PROGRAM was unanimously approved by the board.  Here’s how it works:

  • Registration discounts start when you sell 5 complete GUN raffle books.
  • The discount increases the more books you sell.
  • We have already tracked who has sold what, so anything you have sold so far counts!!!
  • The discount level starts at $200 and maxes out at total registration fees for your family in the 2018-2019 season.*

* This was previously misstated in the email as a max of $400.

  • This program does not impact or reduce DIBS, winter raffle requirements nor can program earnings be transferred to the 2019-2020 registration fees.  This program only reduces “2018-2019 fees”. 

Here’s a quick matrix that puts the numbers together:

The discount matrix continues on...11 books, 110 tickets sold, $4400 in revenue and a registration discount of $ the same ratios until you hit the max of your total family registration fee.

I will be in the Vets 1 lobby this evening from 5 to 7PM.  Stop by to drop off tickets you have sold or pick up some more.  I will also have what you have sold to date so if you need to know how much more you need to sell to either get in the discount window or make it to the next level I can provide that as well.
If you have any other questions tonight would also be a great time to ask.  Or you can email me at fundraising&
As always thank you for the volunteer work you do for our youth non-profit organization.  GO STAMPEDE!!
Eric Nelson
Director of Fundraising & Gaming