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Elk Tag Raffle Brings In Big Bucks - No Bulls!!

By Director of Marketing & Communications, 08/23/18, 12:00AM CDT


A little idea from one member turned into a few thousand dollars for the kids of the WFHA!!

During the 2017 legislative session House Bill 1025 approved the  allocation of a limited number of hunting tags for distribution through non-profit organizations. 

WFHA member Nic Miller, who's son Gage plays for the Stampede, thought it was a great opportunity for our organization.  He contacted Board Member Brad Saville who with fellow board member Ryan Endres jumped on the opportunity.  Below are the GREAT results.  

The WFHA would like to thank Nic, Brad and Ryan for all working to get this fundraiser going and make it a success.

This is a great example of the difference between a "club" and a "non-profit" hockey program. 

The first generates a lot of profit which pays for a large staff who take care of everything for their customers.  It costs a lot and requires little involvement.

The second survives on fundraising and  volunteer work from it's members.  It keeps its member's costs lower, but only if members pull together. 

Members like Nic and all our members who pounded the pavement selling tickets.  Who by getting behind a simple but great idea generated nearly $20,000 in funds for the kids of the WFHA. 

In the end, ever wonder who feels more like a true "TEAM"...a club or a non-profit?