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Early Spring Challenge

By Marketing and Communication, 03/20/20, 11:45AM CDT


Looking for something to fill in the Phy Ed portion of homeschooling?

We have a great option for you!  We have decided to get a little creative with our annual Summer 10K pucks challenge.  We opened the program early as a tool to help players log their entries in order to be entered into a drawing for an awesome prize!!  Prize will be valued up $200 for the winner!!  Please read through the following options and find one that fits your player(s). 

  1. Shooting challenge- Have your player(s) shoot 5,000 pucks before May 31st.  Enter the shots into the Hockeyshare website under the WRIST SHOT category (regardless of what types of shots you are actually shooting).  All the players that complete this by May 31st will be entered into the drawing!
  2. Don’t have a place for your player to shoot?  Try the Stickhandling challenge-  500 minutes worth of stickhandling.  Ten minutes a day should be a pretty easy task to accomplish for your players.  Enter in your minutes under the SNAP SHOT category on the Hockeyshare website to help you keep track.  All players that complete 500 minutes by May 31st will get one entry into the drawing.  Want more chances to win,  get to 600 minutes for two entries and get to 700 minutes to get three entries into the drawing.
  3. Have a Goalie at home?  We got you!  Practice 500 minutes worth of either hand/foot eye coordination drills or any types of movement drills.  This will get you an entry into the drawing.  600 minutes gets you two entries and 700 minutes will get you three entries!  If you need some drill ideas, YouTube has lots of great ideas for Goalies if you search 'hand/eye coordination drills' and/or 'goalie movement drills'.  Enter the total minutes under the SLAPSHOT CATEGORY on the Hockeyshare website to help you keep track.  
  4. Remember to sign up on Hockeyshare in order to log your shots/training

If you have favorite training websites that you like to use, message us a link on our Facebook page,, and we will post it on the 10K Pucks Challenge tab ( on the website as a resource for people to use.  We want this to be a fun challenge for players at home!  Be creative, try things you normally wouldn't and have fun!