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Please read the policy below before submitting your request for financial assistance. 

The WFHA Financial Assistance Committee meets on a recurring basis between the opening and closing of registration and as needed throughout the year to review applications. After submission, you will be contacted in the event there are any questions regarding your application and notified as soon as a decision has been made. You will be notified via e-mail regarding the status of your application prior to the start of the season. If financial assistance is approved, you will be given more information on how to register.

Scholarship Policy


  • Player must be a member of the West Fargo Hockey Association (WFHA) and be committed to participate for the complete season in which they are applying for.
  • Player must be in good standing with WFHA, NDAHA and USA Hockey.
  • Player must have a complete application submitted with required documentation by the due date to be considered.
  • Volunteer requirements for the prior season must have been completed in full.
  • Fundraising requirements for the prior season must have been paid in full.
  • Player must have no balance owing to WFHA from any prior season or summer session.


Free or Reduced Lunch Program Qualified 
Special Circumstances, such as unusual medical expenses, unusual debts or loss of assets, or extended family support.


  • Players must submit their application and required documentation via web during the registration process.  All applications must be accepted by October 8. Applications submitted after this date will not be considered.
  • If hardship falls after this date within the season, you may still apply by contacting .
  • Applications that are incomplete, inaccurate, or falsely represented will not be considered.
  • No guarantee of financial assistance is implied by the completion of the application.
  • Scholarships are granted on a per season basis. Applicants must reapply each season. 
  • For split custody parents, financial impact must be based on both parents.


  • The awarded Scholarship amounts will vary from year to year.
  • Awarded scholarships may vary depending on availability of funds and individual circumstances.
  • The WFHA Scholarship Committee will review all applications and determine the grants based on eligibility, the total number of applicants, the amount of available funds, and other factors considered relevant by the board.
  • The amount of the scholarship cannot exceed the total registration cost of the skater.
  • Scholarship funds are non-transferable within or outside of the WFHA system.


Scholarship Covers:

  • Single Player Registration
  • USA Hockey Registration
  • NDAHA Hockey Registration

Scholarships will not cover:

  • Hockey Equipment (unless approved through process)
  • Transportation to/from hockey games or practice
  • Travel Expenses (Hotels, meals)
  • Tournament Gate Fees
  • Fundraising Requirements
  • Dibs/Volunteer Hours
  • Team Parties/Coach Gifts
  • Team or Association Apparel

Families receiving scholarships WILL NOT be permitted to “buy out” their volunteer hours either before or after the season.  Families will need to work with the Operations Manager to ensure their dibs are completed in full before the end of the season.

Families WILL participate in fundraising activities of selling raffle tickets.  The buy-out option of these items, if available, will not be allowed for scholarship recipients.

As part of its annual budget, WFHA will determine a dollar amount that will be set aside as a scholarship fund. The total amount of the assistance that is awarded cannot exceed the amount budgeted. An exception could be granted for unforeseen financial hardship on the applicant’s family, if approved by the WFHA Scholarship Committee and the President.

Financial assistance is provided at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors at West Fargo Hockey Association.



Scholarship committee is made up of West Fargo Hockey Association active board members.



Approval process will be handled by the WFHA Scholarship Committee.


All decisions made from the WFHA Scholarship Committee are final.


WFHA will use reasonable care to keep all information confidential.  All application forms and information submitted will be kept confidential with the Scholarship committee and WFHA Staff only.

Reduced Lunch = 50% or Less Scholarship
Free Lunch = 100% or Less Scholarship
Hardship = based upon scenario and request

June              Annual Scholarship Budget Approved
July 1            Registrations Open – Applications for Scholarships are Open
Ongoing        Scholarships Reviewed
January 15    Mid-Season Scholarship Touchpoint
April               Post-Season Scholarship Review


As a part of the scholarship application process, families can request additional funding for equipment.  They must specify the amount they are requesting, it’s intended use, and follow-up with a receipt to WFHA validating proper use of the funds. Improper use of these funds may be punishable by required reimbursement or denied participation, including membership status no longer in Good Standing.