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  • SQA White Gets Consolation in their Bracket at Squirt I!

  • Peewee B Red with Landon's Light

  • SQB Green Takes 5th in Their Bracket at Fargo International!

  • SQB Gray Are Bracket Champs at the Squirt International!

  • 15UA Girls Joined 8u for a Little Scrimmage FUN!

  • PB1 Yellow Takes 2nd in Roseau!

  • SQB Green Takes 2nd at Devils Lake!

  • 10UB Blue takes 3rd at Bismarck Capital Cup

  • SQA White Takes Consolation in Blaine!

  • 10UA Ringing the Bell!

  • Squirt B Green Champions in Detroit Lakes

    Champions in the Detroit Lakes Tournament
  • 12UB Making Holiday Cards for the Elderly in our Community

    Making holiday cards for the elderly in our community