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What is the difference between a Termite and 6U?

Termites and 6U are groups that have the same date of birth requirements but Termite is a co-ed level while 6U is a girls-only level.  Girls are able to select which level they would like to participate in during registration.  If you are unsure which to choose, feel free to reach out to the Assistant Hockey Director, Zach Feltman, who leads the Termite/6U groups at .

Termite/6U Level Born on or After Born on or Before
Date of Birth 6/1/2017 5/31/2021

What to expect

  • West Fargo Hockey has 3 levels of Termites for girls and boys to ensure skaters are learning at a level they can be successful at, mainly based off of age level or years of skating/hockey experience.   Levels may be determined by the Assistant Hockey Director and Hockey Director based off of like-skills at that level.  Girls who participate in the 6U level will have even-skilled teams. 
  • Skaters will be on the ice 2-3 times per week for 45-60 minutes.   
  • Focus is on skill development and fun with station-based practices along with games to put those skills in action!
  • Coached by parent coaches led by the Assistant Hockey Director and Hockey Director. 
  • Success is found is in their effort and behavior.   There are some days where we know we won't give our best effort or have our best behavior.  It's ok to take those days off as players and parents to ensure we are able to give it our best when we do make it!
  • Teams have fun names and will have matching team jerseys by color to make a fun environment and build teamwork!
  • Each team has team manager who helps with the off-ice activities such as photo distribution, team parties, etc.  This individual will fulfill their season requirement of 10 dibs (volunteer units) upon successful completion of this role. 
  • Termites and 6U may hold jamborees throughout the season to bring teams together at their level and celebrate the sport of hockey!
  • There is no travel unless parents agree to a WFHA-approved tournament. 
  • There are no formal tryouts but  your player will be evaluated to ensure they are playing at a caliber level with those around them.
  • Goalie options at this level are minimal as the basics of hockey are imperative before they play in-net.

Practice/Games: (May be subject to change)

  • Saturdays- practices later mornings/early afternoons at Vets Arena
  • Sundays- games later mornings/early afternoons at Vets Arena

6U: 10:45am-11:35am Vets 1 Arena

T2: 11:45am-12:35pm Vets 1 Arena

T1 (1st year Termites): 12:45pm-1:35pm Vets 1 Arena

T3: 1:45pm-2:35pm Vets 1 Arena

* Some practices or games may be at the Hoist Arena and the Lights Outdoor Arena

Key Dates:

Click here to see the Key Dates for this level on our website: .

COST OF HOCKEY FOR termites/6u New to USA Hockey

Item Cost
USA Hockey Membership* $15-50
NDAHA Membership* $15
Registration** $0
Jerseys & Socks*** $0


COST OF HOCKEY FOR Returning termites/6u

Item Cost
USA Hockey Membership* $15-50
NDAHA Membership* $15
Early Bird Registration (7/1-7/15) $150
Regular Registration (7/9-10/18) $250
Jerseys & Socks*** $0


*USA Hockey membership varies based on your date of birth.  Click here to find out more.  NDAHA has no affiliate fee for players under 6.
**Players New to USA Hockey receive $150 off of the regular $150 registration for first-year termites/6U
***Jerseys and Socks are provided by WFHA.