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Off-Ice Officiating

What is Off-Ice Officiating?

Off-ice officials are considered an extension of the on-ice officiating team. In order for the game to run smoothly, a good group of off-ice officials are necessary to assist the on-ice crew.  Even though their powers are limited, their responsibilities are a necessary part of successfully playing a game. In essence, they are assisting the on-ice officials in the overall conducting of the game.

  • Important for the off-ice officials to remain impartial at all times. This is difficult to do, especially since a family member or close friend may be participating in the game. However, impartiality must be maintained at all times in order to dispel any notions of favoritism and to create the positive playing environment.
  • Serve as a liaison between the officials and the teams both before and after the game. 
  • Monitor behavior in and around the area known as the penalty benches and scorer’s bench. 
  • Undivided attention to the game in progress.  


Your role as an Off-Ice Official is imperative to the success of the game and integrity of the sport.  In the WFHA program,  ALL parents with players Squirt/10U and up are REQUIRED to assist in off-ice official duties for their player's home games.  This duty is NOT INCLUDED in DIBS/Volunteer hours. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Score book
  • Score board
  • Penalty boxes (2) +Counting Shots
  • Announcing - normally completed by Scorebook or Scoreboard
  • Music - normally completed by Scorebook or Scoreboard

Team Schedulers will assign four families per home game to complete the Off-Ice duties.   It's the expectation that each family to work the shift themselves or find an appropriate replacement prior to game day.  

Best of luck and thank you for supporting our players in a game they love!


This example demonstrates how to document a 10 minute misconduct penalty that has been assessed to a player.

  • Two players serve penalty:
    • Player A is chosen by coach and serves 2 min.
    • Player B is the one assessed the penalty.  This player serves the same 2 min. as player A plus an additional 10 min. for a total of 12 min. served.


After the officials have all signed the scoresheet at the end of the game: 

WHITE - The official record of the game which should be retained by the hosting (home) team.  If you are a Peewee/12U and up team, be sure to turn in your LEAGUE home white sheets. 

YELLOW - Give this to your coach. 

PINK - Give this to the visiting coach or team manager. 

GOLDENROD - The refs will take this sheet if they are required to do so.  They should know if and when this is necessary but keep it in your book for a few days after in case they forget and we need to provide it back to the FM Hockey Officials. 

game clock

Want to Test Drive the Clock Before You Get To The Rink?

Click the image below and select the  Eden Prairie (MN) High School scoreboard at the bottom of the page to test it out!  Our home rink scoreboards are VERY close if not exactly the same. 



Accessing DJ Stampede

You can click on the image below and if you are logged into Spotify, can access and follow DJ Stampede under your own profile.  You must have a Spotify account to access. 

If you do already have a Spotify account, you can find this profile by searching "DJ Stampede" in your search engine.  

ND League Game Procedures

*All league games are noted on Ecliptic

All Peewee/12U, Bantam/14U, Girls 16/19U, and Junior Gold League games play a 10 minute overtime. No exceptions.

NDAHA League Breakdown-click on the link below

MN District 15 League Game Procedures

*All district games are noted on Ecliptic

All Squirt, U10, U12 and Peewee DISTRICT games are 15 minute periods with 1 ½ penalties with a 5 min OT if needed. No exceptions

All Bantam and U15 DISTRICT games are 17 minute periods with 2 minute penalties with a 5 min OT if needed. No exceptions.

*District 15 League Breakdown - click here

Important USA Hockey rule differences for Minnesota

Any time a Minnesota team is the home team, no matter WHERE the game is played, the USA Hockey rule differences are as follows (league and tournament games use those rules accordingly):   

**If the period length is 15 minutes or less, minor penalties are 1:30 in length.

The penalty for fighting in the Junior Gold and 16 & Under classification for the first offense will be the remainder of the game and a three-game suspension. For a second violation the player will be suspended from all participation for the remainder of the season.

At the Junior Gold and 16 & Under classifications, a Game Ejection may be called on any player/team official. A player/team official receiving this penalty will be removed only from the game being played.

At the Junior Gold and 16 & Under classification, a Game Ejection shall be automatically assessed when a player receives a third penalty during a single game. The player shall immediately be removed from the ice and another player shall serve the penalty. Enforcing this penalty is the joint responsibility of the referees, the scorekeeper, the coach and the player.

Game reports link

Use this link when filing youth game reports.

NCAA - USA Hockey - NFHS Rules Comparison Document

NCAA - USA Hockey - NFHS Rules Comparison Document