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Live Streaming


What is Live Barn?

It is a monthly/annual subscription  based streaming service (see packages at the bottom of the page) for you to watch hockey events:

  • Occurring at West Fargo Veterans Memorial Arena (1&2)
  • Other Live Barn participating facilities.
  • Stream Live or Watch Later On-Demand for up to 30 days after the event.
  • Share on Social Media 30 second highlights.
  • Premium packages allow you to download 30 hours of video per month.

How does it work?

  • Click on the link:
  • Click on "Sign Up" and then choose your package
  • To try FREE for 30 days and receive a 10% discount off your monthly subscription every month after that enter promo code: 2425-0d6b

Once you have signed up for one of the above options you can stream one of two ways:

1) Log in through a web browser on an any device (Apple, Android, tablet, laptop, etc.) and watch via "LiveBarn's" website.


2) Download the"LiveBarn" app from the Apple App Store and watch via "LiveBarn's" app (for iOS devices only).  

NOTE: LiveBarn permits one user/one device - per subscription - per event.  Simply put, if Dad is watching and Mom logs in...Mom just bumped Dad off.  Multiple users at the same time require multiple subscriptions.  

Why do I want this?

  • Two kids playing at two different arenas, same time and want to watch both.
  • If you travel or are out of town, don't want to miss a second but can watch via the internet.
  • Grandma & Grandpa in Arizona...they can watch little Johnny or Jenny from the Grand Canyon State.
  • Relive games at home, share highlights on social media or download hours of footage (with a premium package).

WFHA Disclaimer

  • Live Barn streaming service is not controlled by the WFHA.
  • Should any issues or technical difficulties occur, the WFHA member will need to contact Live Barn directly.
  • Should any issues with log in, passwords, usernames, internet speed or device compatibility the WFHA member will need to contact Live Barn directly.

LiveStreaming at Other North Dakota Locations

If you know your team is playing another North Dakota team away from home, check out that associations affiliate page thru the link below to see what Live Streaming they offer as well!