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We use the DIBS system to run our volunteer opportunities. To get started, please do the following:

Step 1:  Log in to the system before you will be able to see or claim any of the DIB items. Your player will also need to be registered for the current season before you will be able to claim dibs. 

Step 2:  CLICK HERE to start choosing opportunities that the WFHA has available for you to sign up for!

***Check back periodically as items are listed at various times throughout the season and not all listed at one time.


Volunteer efforts and fundraising are essential to keep costs reasonable and ensure opportunities for the youth we serve.

West Fargo Hockey Association requires a family commitment of 10 volunteer hours from each hockey family.  First time hockey families are required to only complete 4 dibs their first year. 

Effective with the 2018-2019 season, any board member who completes their elected or assigned term on the board will receive Dibs for Life for the remainder of their membership with WFHA, or upon approval of the WFHA board. This will be tracked by the Secretary of the Board and is non-transferrable.

No families will be required to complete accelerated dibs without an amendment to this policy.

The volunteer service hours can be performed by any member of the family, as long as the family member or guardian is 18 years old or older.

Dibs cannot be transferred between families and cannot be carried over season to season.

Volunteer hours will be posted on the DIBS program on WFHA website and need to be claimed through the DIBS program.

Volunteer slots not filled by others but needed for host tournaments will be filled by the parents whose children are participating in the tournament. Your volunteer dibs account will receive a credit for host tournament hours worked as a parent of the tournament participant in this instance.

Squirt/10U and up: All guardians are required to assist in off-ice official duties for their players home games. This duty is NOT included in DIBS hours. This includes but is not limited to: Scorebook, Scoreboard, Emcee, and Penalty Box (2).

Unfullfilment of DIBS hours:
Any unfulfilled volunteer hours will be billed at $40/hour at the end of the season.

Should an invoice be distributed for unfulfilled volunteer hours and go unpaid, player and family will not be eligible to register for camps or registration for the following season without completion of payment at the time of registration.

A penalty of $40 per claimed volunteer hour will be initiated for any dibs claimed but not fulfilled if intent to cancel is not received within 7 days of the claimed event. Billed amount will not be deducted from the required pool of dibs.

Coaches who are not in compliance with the Hockey Director, Coordinator or Coach’s Code of Conduct may be marked in non-completion of volunteer DIBS regardless of number of hours coached.

*Dibs items will be updated periodically throughout the season, so check back often!

Missing Dibs or Have A Question?

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Andrea Sele