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In the Fargo-West Fargo community, teams comply with the North Dakota Amateur Hockey Association guidelines for boundaries which relies on two major factors:

  • School District in Which You Live 
  • School District in Which You Attend - Students who attend the parochial school system are allowed to participate in the Fargo Angels program.

Use the tools provided below to determine which school district you live in and your player should participate in based off of your address and/or school (if parochial). 


Players who wish to play for the West Fargo Hockey Association and do not live within the West Fargo school district must submit a waiver/transfer to their member organization through the NDAHA form below by July 14, and receive approval from their member organization, WFHA and NDAHA prior to participating in practice or games.  Similarly, players who wish to transfer out of the West Fargo Hockey Association would complete the waiver/transfer form and submit to Shana Wilson at

In addition, all non-citizen players who wish to play for the West Fargo Hockey Association must comply with the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) guidelines and receive approval from USA Hockey prior to participating in any practices or games.

NDAHA and Interstate Transfer / Waiver

Transfer of a player from one organization to another must be made by agreement of the two organizations and a waiver of release must be made and signed by the local organization, received and approved by the receiving organization, and finally approved by the District Directors of the district(s) involved before the transfer is official.   

Transfer requests begin with submitting a waiver request form to the local organization. A deadline for submission of waiver requests may be determined by the local affiliates. If a deadline is imposed, only waiver requests which demonstrate extenuating circumstances will be reviewed and will require special, discretionary approval of a District Director.   

Canadian and International Transfer / Waiver

Any player, who does not hold USA citizenship, is required to submit a completed transfer form to USA Hockey to be processed and approved before a player can participate in regular season games.