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player regular season registration

There is so much information to share about our upcoming Player Regular Season Registration that we couldn't fit it all on one page!  Click the image at the left to find out more!




You must be approved by the Hockey Director or Assistant Hockey Director to participate as a coach prior to registration.   In order for you to be approved, please be sure to reach out to either Jason or Zach at the links below to share your interest!

Once you have been approved to coach, we need you to ensure you have completed a registration to tie you to your team.  This captures the basics about you and most importantly, ensures your SportsEngine profile is hooked to you for communication, rostering, etc.  This is a requirement as a part of your role and compensation and/or dibs will not be awarded if this step is not completed. 

Questions?  Contact Jason or Zach below!

Jason Gregoire

Hockey Director

Phone: 701-281-4791

Zach Feltman

Assistant Hockey Director

Phone: 701-281-4791


All members who are interested in supporting their team this season as a Team Manager or Team Scheduler must first fill out an application showing their interest in a Team Management role. Within this application, you will assign your preference of which of your player(s) you would prefer to support. Selection of team managers will be made based upon experience, historical performance and team need.  If you are approved to be in a Team Management role for the 2021-2022 season after teams have been chosen, you will receive an email that will alert you to go back into your application and take the additional steps required to finalize your position. 

Each year, the WFHA Board of Directors must complete the following steps to continue to hold their position on the board in good standing.  A registration to capture this will be opened at the start of the new board of directors and new fiscal year.  This includes: