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Team Photos

Photo FAQ

My son/daughter is a Squirt or 10U that will not have their travel teams finalized until late November.  When should we be taking our pictures?  

All of the Squirt/10U should take photos during their scheduled time.  We will have travel jerseys for them to wear during the photos to cause minimal delay in receiving their photos this year. 

My Squirt/10U will be taking sibling photos but they don't have their travel jersey yet. 
We gotcha covered and will ensure there is a jersey for them to wear for their photos!

How do I order my photos? 

You can order your photos online via the website link above or print a form off of their website to bring to the night of photos. 

If my player signs up for sibling photos, do they need to go to their regularly scheduled team time? 

Bantam, Peewee, 15U and 12U--Yes due to the panoramic photos.   All other levels---No.  Be sure to check in with Best of Times when you arrive to ensure they know of your intentions to guarantee you the photo outcome and experience you expect. 

What does my player wear for team photos?
Per the BOT website HERE, “Please have your player dressed and ready for photos wearing full uniform with gloves and stick but NO HELMET or SKATES.

What color should the travel teams wear for their photos?
but please do not wear additional items for your photos such as caps, beanies, etc. If travel teams decide to wear white, that is up to their team to manage and communicate to all players.  No changes in schedule will occur. 

What if I can't make my schedule time?
The BOT website HERE, “Please contact Best of Times and we will schedule an alternate time.  But if at all possible though, please use the scheduled time for your group.”

If I would like a sibling photo, what is the best way to schedule that?
The BOT website HERE requests that you set up a time to schedule the sibling photos via their website due to the major bottleneck that sibling photos created last season.

When will I find out that my order is ready?
Once your photos have been delivered to WFHA, we will notify the team manager on each team and they will distribute your items during your next team event.

What if I want to order additional items after my order has been submitted?
You will be able to contact BOT directly and they would allow you to order additional items.

I would like to order a panoramic photo of my player's team.  What levels are they available for and how do I order one?
Panoramic team photos are available for travel teams and can also be ordered ahead of time via the website HERE.

What other products does BOT make that are not on my order form?
BOT also creates FLAT HEADS that are fun to see around the rink during your kiddos games!

Are coaches required to be in the photos?  
It's expected that coaches participate and wear appropriate apparel for the event in a Black Stampede coat or the like to blend in but please do not purchase additional apparel for photos. 

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