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Coaching, Team Management & Board Registration

WFHA is always seeking to improve what we offer our membership and our processes around Team Management, Coaches, Coordinators and Board of Directors are a part of that!    In reviewing roles and responsibilities,  we have made the following improvements during the on-boarding process for the 2020-2021 Season!

background checks

NDAHA has now moved all background checks to be completed through the USA Hockey affiliate, NDSI.  This year, only Coaches, Coordinators and Board of Directors will be required to complete the background checks.  Team Managers will no longer be required. 

Background checks are only needed every two years, so if you are unsure if you need one, please check out the NDAHA website here to confirm. 

Note:  If your background check takes longer than 10 business days, please reach out to NCSI via the contact in their confirmation email to you to escalate the review. 


usa hockey & safesport

With the changes in the background checks, improvements in the roles of coaches and team managers will no longer require USA Hockey & SafeSport to be completed by Team Management.  These certifications are still required of coaches, coordinators and board of directors. 


During the process to register as a Coach, Coordinator or Board of Director, you will automatically submit your request for reimbursement for any of your USA Hockey, SafeSport, CEP, or background checks through this process.  Once all of your required steps for your role are completed, a reimbursement should be sent to you within two weeks of completion.