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WF Stampede Squirt B1 Black

WF Stampede Squirt B1 Black

E-mail Received Re: Squirt International.


Attached is the schedule. We ask that the top team listed wear light colored jerseys. Schedules will be available at most arenas and a live schedule will also be available on There will be a Squirt B1 Live Scoring Icon on our homepage. With there being 66 teams competing, all teams will play two games on Friday that will determine their bracket placement for Saturday & Sunday games. We will have a total of 5 brackets. Bracketing for Saturday will not be released until ALL of the games are complete on Friday night. The latest game on Friday starts at 5:30 PM so we won't be releasing the brackets until after that game is complete and we have all of the information. I will send an email to the Team Managers when the official brackets are ready to go. Please see the rules for tie breaker information pertaining to weekend brackets. Also the more phone calls and emails we receive on Friday night SLOWS down the process so please be patient with us. Please note with this format a few teams will play 3 games on Saturday.



Several arenas in which we will have games for this tournament have Live Barn installed. For more information and to sign up click here.  Save 10% using PROMO CODE: d211-1c3c



Please see the attached Tournament COVID Protocols for the weekend. We want to do our part to keep the kids on the ice so please help us by following these protocols.

Here are a few highlights.

*We will allow 4 spectators per player and each coach will be wristbanded. We understand children need to accompany their parents/guardians so they are welcome. They will not receive a wristband and they must remain with their parent/guardian at all times. Running around the rink will not be allowed. To determine the number of bracelets you will receive please use this formula. # of players X 4 + # of coaches = your total. Example: 16 players x 4 + 3 coaches =67 wristbands. We also do the calculations on our end for each team. Your team's wristbands will be available at the rink manager table where you play your first game on Friday. We ask that the team managers hand these out. Wristbands must be worn on the wrist and shown to access the arenas for the weekend.

*Temperature checks will be done on the players and the coaches at the rink for the first game of every day. A team manager, coach or tournament staff can assist with this. Thermometers will be provided. Anyone with a temp of 100.4 or higher will be asked to leave.

*We ask players, coaches and spectators to do a self check prior to entering the arena. Please see the attached health screening document we are using. If someone can say YES to any of these questions we ask they do not attend the tournament or enter the rink.

*Masks are REQUIRED. Players may remove their mask when they put their helmet on but they must put the mask back on once they take their helmet off.

*Please do not congregate in the lobbies.


Our Convention & Visitors Bureau has put together a resource guide for navigating the FM Community during the pandemic. Please click here for that information.



Attached is a map showing the arena locations for our tournament. Please note that there is a SCHEELS Center-a basketball facility for the NDSU Bison located in North Fargo. Our hockey games will be played at SCHEELS Arena not the SCHEELS Center. Farmers Union Insurance Center hockey arena is located next door to SCHEELS Arena. H.A. Thompson & Sons Arena is formerly (Teamsters Arena) located in North Fargo. WF Sports Arena is a new arena in West Fargo and has two sheets of ice WF Auxiliary and WF Main. We are also using West Fargo Vets I & II that are connected to the WF High School.



Attached are the tournament rules. Please share with your coaches and have them review PRIOR to the tournament especially the tie breaking information. They are also available online on the rules tab on our Squirt International website page and they will be posted in most arenas. We will supply practice pucks so there is no need to bring your own.



We will NOT have trainers on site for this tournament. This is a NON-Checking tournament. Our Rink Managers will be equipped with a first aid kit and ice packs. An emergency medical plan will be available at each rink's score table.



Roster stickers ARE needed for this tournament. Please bring 18 roster stickers with you as there is a potential for 6 games. We will need 3 for each game. Please hand 3 roster stickers to the rink manager at each arena where your team is playing prior to each game. Attached is a template if needed. If you already have roster stickers printed you do not need to use the attached template.



Team packets and bracelets will be available for pick up at the arena where you play your first game on Friday. SCHEELS Squirt Olympic (Virtual Edition) prizes will be included with these packets if your team won.



Pin trading will be allowed on a limited basis via the Team Managers. Individual pin trading will not be allowed at the arenas. There will be a laminated sheet of paper on the Rink Manager table, located when you walk into the arena, with the words HOME TEAM PINS, AWAY TEAM PINS. Please place your pins on there accordingly for the opposing team to pick up the pins. If your team is not participating, please do not expect to receive pins. To determine the number of players on a team you may use the google roster. Please click the link below and look for the team tabs. team tabs.



We have partnered with a local photography company to offer Panoramic team photos. The photo session is free and you will have the opportunity to order your team's photo. Please direct all questions about this to them directly.


Team Panoramics Photos for the Squirt International B1 Division!


Teams are invited to have a great team panoramic photographed at the tournament!  If you're interested, follow the link below for information and to sign up for your time slot on FRIDAY or SATURDAY ONLY!  Didn't find a time that works for your team?  Call Us!  Not interested?  No worries, please send Best of Times a quick message declining.  Thanks!  Contact Best of Times Photography with scheduling and info questions at 218-512-0632 or





FYHA has teamed up with Northwest Designs Ink. to offer our teams customizable tournament apparel. Tournament merchandise will be available for sale at SW Arena. If you would like to preorder your merchandise please click here. Orders made online are shipped directly to your home. They are not available for pick up at the tournament.



USHL Hockey

Our local USHL Fargo Force hockey team will face off against Sioux City on Feb. 19th & 20th at SCHEELS Arena. They are offering group ticket pricing for teams. Please see the attached Fargo Force ticket order for more information.


Outdoor Ice Rinks

Several of you have asked about options to play pond hockey outdoors while in Fargo.  Below is a link to outdoor rinks in the City of Fargo. The City of Moorhead and West Fargo also have outdoor rinks.  Most are open to the public. So feel free to stop by in your down time and enjoy!

Outdoor Rink Information


Buffalo Wild Wings
Chuck E Cheese
Energy Zone Nutrition

Pepper's Sports Cafe
Porter Creek
Power Plate Meals
Red Pepper


Tactical Action Gaming (please see the attached flyer of the fun they have to offer)

A Visitor Guide will be placed in each of the team's packets. For a list of other things to do while in Fargo, please click here.


Our tournament page is a great resource for information. You can find it by clicking here or logging on to and looking for the Tournament Tab.

Squirt International B1 February 19-21, 2021 Misc Information

Squirt International B1 February 19-21, 2021, 5 game guarantees.

The earliest scheduled game for these tournaments is 7:45 am on Friday.

Each team will play
2 games Friday
2 games Saturday
1 or 2 games Sunday.

Due to COVID-19 FYHA will NOT be hosting the Squirt Olympics/Opening ceremony in person. FYHA will offer a Virtual Skills competition where teams can set up the contests at their own rink and then submit the scores to win prizes from SCHEELS. The prizes will be included with the team packets that will be available for pick up on Friday where each team plays their first game.

There will NOT be an Athletic Trainer on site during the Squirt International hockey tournaments.  An emergency medical plan will be available at each rink’s score table. A First Aid Kit and ice packs will be available at the Rink Manager table at each arena.

COVID-19 Pin Trading Guidelines
FYHA will allow teams to pin trade with the teams they play against via their Team Manager. Team Managers will be asked to put their team pins for each game in a zip lock bag and drop them off at the Rink Manager table where they play their games. They then can pick up the pins at the Rink Manager table from the other team to provide to their players. Individual pin trading at the hockey arenas will not be allowed.

FYHA has teamed up with Northwest Designs Ink for their customized tournament apparel this year.  Merchandise will be available for sale at SouthWest Arena at the start of the first tournament game each day and an online store will be available closer to the tournament date.


Best of Times will be offering panoramic team photo times for our team. The schedule will be sent out prior to the tournament I will make sure to get us scheduled. More to come on this as a group we will need to review what we would like the players wearing.


Create roster stickers for your team. Please bring 18 roster stickers for the tournament (3 for each game). There is a 5-game guarantee, and some teams will play 6 games.  Please provide a roster sticker to the rink manager at EACH arena where your team is playing prior to game play so it can be added to the score book. A template is available below.



All teams should enter the rink no more than 10 min. prior to your game time and be prepared to warm up 3 minutes at game start time. Games will start immediately after warm up.  There will be NO LOCKER ROOMS so please lace your skates on the bench or come in with skate guards.  Teams are asked to leave within 10 minutes of their games end also.

Coaches and teams will be required to wear masks at all times in the building. 

Concessions will be open most of the time of your tournament. 

Places to fill water bottles will not be available so please have your player’s water bottle full when coming into the rink.

The rink is equipped with Live Barn, please use this code for a 10% sign up discount: aad9-7511.  

Breezy Point will not be limiting the number of attendees per player but we suggest that immediate family only attend.  

The Tournament Director will be John Payonk (218-232-2858) and your point of contact for the duration of the tournament.  Michelle Terrill will be the admin person at the rink as well and will be available to answer some of your questions.  Manager Check-In will be in the office to the right of the entrance doors or at the concession stand- as you enter the ice arena. 

Brackets can be found on their website at . The brackets update to their  website.



Squirt B1 Black News

Raffle Details - Required & Optional Fundraisers

By WFHA Marketing & Comm Team 11/02/2020, 3:00pm CST

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Travel Tournaments

Tournament Name Dates Location Hotel Name/Address/Phone Block Details
CANCELLED - Roseau December 11-13 Roseau, MN TBD TBD
Grand Forks Jan 15-17 Grand Forks, ND Book by Dec 10th AmericInn Motel & Suites 1820 South Columbia Road Grand Forks ND, 58201 701-780-9925 Book by Dec 10th
Squirt International Febrary 18-21 Fargo, ND
Breezy Point Feb 26-28 Breezy Point, MN Breezy Point Resort, See Below