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Nic Wynn

Mite Coordinator

Mite Season Preview

Are you excited?!  Mites is the next level and really where you can see the beginning of what Youth Hockey is going to become for your player.

One of the things that makes Mite hockey special is they get to come to the rink without the pressure of tryouts, teams and levels.  And so do the parents. We should all enjoy it as much as we can.  

The goal is to develop ALL these kids into hockey players.  



  • We will have just above 100 Mites this season!

  • 3 groups 

    • Blue, Yellow and White

    • There will be very little to no movement of the players from these groups. If a player is OVERLY DOMINATING a group/team to the point it DETRIMENTAL to their of the development of their teammates they may be considered for moving up.

  • Team names will be subdivided within each group.

  • The ADM model will continue to be a foundational element of the program but will be adapted accordingly to ensure we hit all areas of development for the players

  • All will play ½ ice games on Sundays

  • Mid-season in house tournament- we will combine all groups into 8 teams and play for full ice games for the "STAMPEDE CUP". 

  • End of year tournament - Same as above except with new teams.

  • We will also be playing some ½ ice games against surrounding towns to keep the games fresh and fun.

  • No full time goalies.

  • Ice sessions will last approximately 50 minutes

  • Groups will be announced the week of October 27th


  • Begins Tuesday, November 5th

  • All practices will be Tuesday & Friday nights.

  • Practice times rotate for each group so make sure to check the calendar.

  • Skating clinics will take place every other Saturday morning.  Again, make sure and confirm with the calendar.


  • Sunday Afternoons 

  • Will be 45-60 minutes long.

  • No score.

  • No standings.

  • No statistics.


  • For the majority, their time/reps will be during the games.

  • During normal practice sessions they will skate with standard gear and run the same drills as the rest of the Mites.

  • Goalies will rotate each week.  The head coach of each team will have their own bag of equipment.  Goalie will practice as a goalie on Friday and play in a game on Sunday.

Maximize the cheering and have a great season!!

Jersey pick up is wednesday, October 30th


Here is the link to the slides from the preseason meetings.  Please read through them again for review or if you did not initially attend the meeting.


Please, please utilize the calendar function on the website.  Below will be the link on how to set up the "tag" system. This allows you to set up viewing for your specific team and eliminate some of the "noise" on all the calendar dates.