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Tony Rogen

Termite Coordinator

Termite 2019-20 Season Preview

Everyone is anxious for the upcoming season and looking forward to details.  We have a lot of families new to hockey in this group and that means new to registration.  Because of this the Termite group is a bit of a moving target right up until the end.   

Let's go through what we have...understanding if we have a rush of registrants at the very end, we'll do our best to minimize changes and announce them as soon as possible.



  • We have right around 100 youth registered this season!

  • More are expected!

  • Initially they will be separated by years of experience.

    • (i.e. 1st years together, 2nd years and 3rd's)

  • After we get going, tweaks will be made to the groups.

  • 4 Teams (colors of jerseys) @ approx. 8 to 10 players per team.

    • Blue / White / Yellow / Grey


  • All practices will be at Veterans Memorial Arena

  • Wednesday Nights - Starting November 6th.

    • Termite 1 @ Vets 1: 5:30-6:15 PM

    • Termite 2 @ Vets 1: 4:45-5:30 PM

    • Termite 3 @ Vets 1: 6:30-7:15 PM

  • Rink  Setup:

    • Bumpers

    • Hard Boards

    • Mini-Nets

Wednesday nights are tough and it is understandable if families have a conflict with Church/Religion.  This schedule with no Termite events scheduled on Sunday morning is our best chance to accommodate as many players as possible.


  • First games will be Sunday, November 10th.

Game Set Up:

  • All games will be cross-ice, mini-nets & blue pucks.

  • Player shifts will be every 1min & 30 sec (00:1:30).

  • Games will be 45 minutes long.

  • No scoring or team standings will be recorded.

  • No full time goalies

  • It's all for fun!!  Cheer them on from the stands!!  They will appreciate the noise more than anything else.  

  • Players will be separated within their teams based on skill level.

  • Kids may also be moved around from time to time to make sure those smiles of excitement are maximized.

Maximize the cheering and have a great season!!


Jersey Pick Up

T1:  Monday, November 4th

T2 and T3:  Tuesday, November 5th


Here is the link to the slides from the preseason meetings.  It never hurts to read through them again for review or if you did not initially attend the meeting.


Lastly, please, please utilize the calendar function on the website.  Below will be the link on how to set up the "tag" system.  This allows you to set up viewing for your specific team and eliminate some of the "noise" on all the calendar dates.

Termite Parent Information

Much of the information you need to know about Termites can be found on our Termite Parent page at the link below: