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Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not listed, please check the current WFHA handbook before contacting a board member.


The handbook as well as policies & procedures can be found here:

Q:  My child has never played hockey and I have no idea at which level they should play.  Where can I find the information?

A:  The following is a link to the Parent/Player information page which contains a chart indicating the level at which each child should play based on age:

In addition, the North Dakota Amateur Hockey Association (NDAHA) has a program designated specifically for girls from 8U (i.e. age 8 and under) through 14U (i.e. age 14 and under).  However, if a family chooses, they can register their girl to play at the Termite, Mite, Squirt and PeeWee level along with the boys. 

Q:  My child has never played hockey and is at the Mite or higher level.  Which tryout session should he/she attend on the first day?

A:  Your child should attend the session designated as "first year" or "one" even if their birth date/age/grade technically makes them a second year player.

Q:  Which tryout sessions should my player(s) attend?

A:  Your child should attend ALL tryout sessions designated at their level of play.  

At the Termite level, sessions are typically determined by the first letter of the child's last name.

At higher levels of play, there may be changes to the session time your player should attend.  Check back to the website daily for posted changes

Ex. All first year Squirts and Squirt players new to hockey attend the Squirt 1 tryout session the first night.  Before the next designated tryout time slots, a document will be posted letting each child/parent know which time slot their player should attend.  Most often they are listed according to jersey color and number.

Q:  Do I have to provide a birth certificate for each child? 

A:  The West Fargo Hockey Association (WFHA) is required to submit a copy of each player's birth certificate to the North Dakota Amateur Hockey Association (NDAHA) for birth date verification.  Once their birth date has been verified as part of the WFHA, they will not have to complete this action again.  Official rosters are then created for Team Managers for use at games and tournaments to verify players listed on that team.  Every child at every level must be listed on an official roster as required by the NDAHA.

Exception:  A player plays the 2013-14 season, does not to play the 2014-15 season and decides to return as a player the 2015-16 season.  The NDAHA may require the player's birth certificate be resubmitted to reverify their birth date.

Q:  How early should I bring my player to the rink for tryouts, practices and games?

A:  It is important to read all emails sent out by the WFHA as they will contain important information related to tryouts, etc.  Arriving 30-45 minutes prior to the start of their first tryout session to sign in, turn in paperwork, receive a tryout practice jersey (at higher levels of play only) is typical.  

After the first night of tryouts, each player should arrive ready to get on the ice a minimum of 10 minutes before each tryout if they are already dressed or with enough time to get dressed up to 10 minutes prior to tryout.

Coaches will provide additional information for arrival times prior to on-ice practices, dry land practices and games at team meetings.

Q: Can I, as the parent, go into the locker room?

A:  Parents are allowed in the locker rooms at the Termite and Mite level to assist their player(s).  However, no parent should ever be the only adult in a locker room with any age player(s). In addition, there is limited locker room availability at these levels. Parents can utilize space around the rink to complete the dressing process.

At the Squirt/10U level, on up, no parents are allowed in the locker rooms.

Q:  What are Dibs? 

A:  Each family is required to fulfill a minimum of 10 volunteer hours prior to the end of each regular season* or the family is subject to additional fees.  Volunteer hours DO NOT include off-ice duties during home games for your player's team(s). It is always best to complete Dibs sooner rather than later to ensure you have ample opportunities to fulfill this obligation.

(This is addressed in the current WFHA handbook which every parent must agree to follow at the time of registration.)  

*One exception to this requirement is the Gun Raffle.  Given the event typically occurs after the regular season and your participation is vital to ensure a successful fundraiser, parents can volunteer for this event and have those hours credited to the previous season.

(Ex. 2014-15 regular season ends on March 6.  Gun Raffle is held on March 23.  Unfulfilled Dibs hours can only be applied to the 2014-15 volunteer hours requirement.  If additional volunteers are needed, communication will be disseminated via email.)

Q:  Where can I find Dibs opportunities?

A: There are several ways opportunities unfold:

  1. A Dibs tab is located on the WFHA website in blue toward the top of the page.  In order to see the Dibs listed, you must sign in to the website first.  You can "claim" the job by clicking on it and following the instructions listed.  The Year at a Glance tab has some Dibs opportunities highlighted with two asterisks (**). 
  2. An email is sent out to all current WFHA members requesting assistance.  Those first to reply are awarded the job.
  3. A Board member may make a personal request.
  4. Dibs opportunities presented at mandatory parent/s team meetings.
  5. Note:  Not all volunteer opportunities are listed at one time.  Please check back periodically for additional jobs.

Q:  What if our family has already fulfilled our mandatory 10 Dibs/volunteer hours?  Do we have to continue to volunteer?

A: Yes and No.  

Yes - If your child is playing at the Squirt/10U level and up, ALL parents are required to assist with off-ice officiating for their player's home games.  It is unreasonable to expect the Team Manager to do all four jobs during a game (clock, score book and two penalty boxes).  Your team manager will set up a rotating schedule where all parents can assist in one of the 4 areas.  These hours are NOT considered part of Dibs.

No - Once you have fulfilled the required 10 hours, you are not required to volunteer any more time.  

However, our organization is only as good as our volunteers.  The more you can assist, the better our organization will be in the long run.  There are families that donate several hours of their time above and beyond what is required.  It is also an opportunity to learn more about the organization, the people within the WFHA and figure out additional ways you can help!

Q:  Is it required to attend a board meeting?

A:  No.  However, it is an excellent opportunity to get to know what is happening in our organization at any given time, learn more about it and figure out additional ways you can help.  It is highly recommended that one member of each family attend a board meeting at least once to gain perspective into what it takes to keep the WFHA running smoothly.

Board meetings are held the third Monday of each month in the meeting room upstairs in Vets 1.  They begin at 6 pm. (On occasion, board meetings may be rescheduled at a different time and place.  By laws require a minimum of 30 days notice to the membership should this take place.  Date changes will be noted within the calendar and on the Year at a Glance page.)

Q:  How will we know what to expect and what is expected of our player and/or parents throughout the season?

A: As soon as tryouts have been completed, teams will be listed on the website.  If you cannot find it listed on the home page, check the pages (teams) listed at the player's level of play.

Once teams have been determined, mandatory parent/team meetings will take place as soon as possible.  These meetings will cover expectations throughout the season and provide you with an opportunity to clarify your understanding.  Additional Dibs opportunities will be made available at this time.

It is imperative at least one parent attends the team meeting at every level of play.  Whether or not you are able to be present, you and your player are responsible for the information provided.

Players are required to attend team meetings from Squirt/10U levels on up.