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Termite Information

Termite General Info

The kids will be grouped by number of years played.  

T1- 1st year of hockey at the termite level (typically 4 year olds)

T2- 2nd year of hockey at the termite level (Typically 5 year olds)

T3- 3rd year of hockey at the termite level (typically 6 year olds)

Your child will be placed on teams for the season based on their year and ability. 

Practice days are Wednesdays.  There are 3 sessions available for your child to attend.  

Game days are on Sunday afternoons and all games are at Vets arena. 

All games and practice times are 45 minutes. 

All games will be cross ice games, either 3 on 3 or 4 on 4, depending on numbers.  

All practices will follow the ADM model of station based practices. 



Frequently Asked Questions

Dropping Off/Picking Up Players

In the interest of safety for all players, when dropping off/picking up in the DRIVING LANE at Vets Arena, please do the following:

  • North Side (closest to parking lot):

 can wait in your vehicle 

  • South Side (closest to the building):

 drop off or pick up quickly

  • Park and leave vehicle unattended:

use the parking lot

Thank you!

Termite/Mite/8U Tournaments & Jamborees

The Stampede are often invited in the later part of the season to have our termites, mites and 8U players participate in tournaments in locations such as Valley City, Jamestown, Moorhead, etc.  It is a very fun event for players and allows parents to connect with other families at the same level on a more social basis.  

We do our best to get as many teams possible to attend, but understand that with short notice that families simply cannot make it work.  Please do not worry if you or your player are unable to attend as this will not reflect negatively on anyone.  It is simply for fun and to continue driving passion towards the game.  

We look forward to a great season !



Required Equipment

If you are new to hockey, we recommend you head to a local hockey outfitter.  They will be sure to get you fitted with the safety gear your child will need and they'll make sure all of the sizes fit to ensure your child is safe.  

Please contact the coordinator for your level if you have any questions or need more information.

Required equipment is listed below and in the WFHA handbook:

  • Provided - game jerseys, socks and practice jerseys
  • Required 
    • HECC approved helmet with face mask, neck & chin straps
    • helmet must contain current evidence of HECC approval
    • breezers (hockey pants)
    • gloves
    • cup and supporter (boys)
    • pelvic protector (girls)
    • shin pads
    • elbow pads
    • shoulder pads
    • gloves
    • skates
    • mouth guard
    • stick
    • neck guard (optional but recommended)


This program is offered to Termite and Mite/8U players NEW to hockey.

Each set includes:

  • helmet w/cage
  • shoulder pads
  • elbow pads
  • breezers (hockey pants)
  • gloves
  • shin pads
  • bag
  • Sets are available in two sizes —
    • Small, for 4-6 year olds 
    • Large, for 6-8 year olds
  • Each set is sold for $50
  • When the player outgrows the equipment, families are encouraged to donate them back to WFHA for use by others the next year or they can sell them to other families. All proceeds received from the sale of One-Goal equipment by WFHA will be used to purchase future One-Goal equipment.

Contact: Jason Gregoire at

How Full Ice Looks to Termite/Mite Players

To demonstrate how a full sheet of ice looks to a child, USA Hockey put adult players on an extra large rink with giant nets to simulate what a child sees. The players found the games tiring, difficult and said they would lose interest quickly in the sport if that was what they faced. See how adult players opened their eyes to what is being taught by the American Development Model (ADM) of cross-ice hockey and small-area games.

Why/What is the American Development Model (ADM)?

Learn More About ADM At:

Sponsored by American Development Model (ADM)

American Development Model (ADM)

Visit Website




Off-Ice Officiating

Note:  At the Termite level, the only time you will need off-ice official information is if you are volunteering during a host tournament as one of the following:  score book, penalty box, score board.