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New to Hockey?


WELCOME!!  We've created this page to answer questions you may have about hockey and help you get started.  Your first question may be - Why hockey?

  1. Hockey is fantastic exercise - Hockey is one of the best cardio vascular games your child could play.  Players are alternating between skating and rest at very rapid rates which makes hockey one of the best cardiovascular interval training sports.  This improves the speed at which your child's body brings oxygen to their muscles while burning tons of calories.  Hockey requires a high level of coordination, regular play can develop a child's gross motor skills which in turn leads to improvement with the more difficult fine motor skills and improves hand-eye coordination which can translate to a better understanding of spatial relationships.
  2. Hockey builds character - Since hockey is a team sport, children learn the value of working with others.  Very quickly, they learn to rely on teammates and understand that cooperation is the dey to success.  Children on hockey teams experience a team spirit that encourages trust, responsibility, sportsmanship and a strong sense of accomplishment.  These skills are essential as teammates turn into colleagues.
  3. Hockey improves mental agility - Hockey is an extremely fast sport in which children have to cope with changes in split-seconds.  Plays develop, momentum sifts and opportunity open and close in a blink of an eye.  A child in this sport will quickly adapt their mental agility to be able to recognize these opportunities and their concentration will improve.  In addition, hockey players will quickly begin to project mental imagery of not just what is going to happen, but what will happen next leading towards greater mental agility as well.

These are just a few reasons why your child/children should play hockey.  We, as an association, are excited to do what we can to help them feel excited about a sport they will love!


First, it's never too late for your child to start playing hockey, but we do recommend an earlier than later start.  Third grade and younger is ideal but we have had players as old as 7th grade play for the first time.  Previous skating experience helps, but is not required.  All players will go through tryouts.  The goal of these tryouts is to place your skater on a team with other similar ability skaters so they can work with kids that are at a relatively same level of play.  There are no "cuts".

If your child hasn't skated before, we encourage you to take advantage of "Intro to Hockey": 

Intro to Hockey

2020 Intro to Hockey


  • For girls & boys: Pre-K through 3rd Grade new to hockey! 
  • Children previously in West Fargo Hockey are not eligible
  • Participants must be born on or before March 1, 2016
  • Participants must be or will be enrolled in the West Fargo Public Schools or the areas Parochial System
  • One Goal Equipment- includes helmet with cage, shoulder pads, elbow pads, breezers, gloves, shin pads, bag.  Skates are not included. 
  • One Goal Sets are available in two sizes- small for age 4-6 and large for age 6-8
  • Equipment is free to use during Intro to Hockey program but will be $50 if your player chooses to play hockey during the season. 


 ***   Sessions will be determined by registration in the system and an email will be sent with your session time!  ***

Cost: $20 for 4 on ice sessions  

Location: Veterans Arena 1201 7th Ave East West Fargo, ND

Or skating lessons are typically offered by West Fargo Parks:

Sponsored by West Fargo Parks

West Fargo Parks

Visit Website


7-1-12 7-1-16 Termite Termite Practice/Games
7-1-10 6-30-12 Mite Mite/8U Practice/Games
7-1-08 6-30-10 Squirt Squirt/10U Practice/Games/Tournaments
7-1-06 6-30-08 PeeWee PeeWee/12U Practice/Games/Tournaments
7-1-04 6-30-06 Bantam 14U Practice/Games/Tournaments

Important Note:  The North Dakota Amateur Hockey Association (NDAHA) has a program designated specifically for girls from 8U (i.e. age 8 and under) through 14U (i.e. age 14 and under).  However, if a family chooses, they can register their girl to play at the Termite, Mite, Squirt and PeeWee level along with the boys.  



This program is offered to Termite and Mite/8U players NEW to hockey.

Each set includes:

  • helmet w/cage
  • shoulder pads
  • elbow pads
  • breezers (hockey pants)
  • gloves
  • shin pads
  • bag
  • Sets are available in two sizes —
    • Small, for 4-6 year olds 
    • Large, for 6-8 year olds
  • Each set is sold for $50
  • When the player outgrows the equipment, families are encouraged to donate them back to WFHA for use by others the next year or they can sell them to other families. All proceeds received from the sale of One-Goal equipment by WFHA will be used to purchase future One-Goal equipment.


Jason Gregoire

Required Equipment

If you are new to hockey, we recommend you head to a local hockey outfitter.  They will be sure to get you fitted with the safety gear your child will need and they'll make sure all of the sizes fit to ensure your child is safe.  

Please contact the coordinator for your level if you have any questions or need more information.

Required equipment is listed below and in the WFHA handbook:

  • Provided - game jerseys, socks and practice jerseys
  • Required 
    • HECC approved helmet with face mask, neck & chin straps
    • helmet must contain current evidence of HECC approval
    • breezers (hockey pants)
    • gloves
    • cup and supporter (boys)
    • pelvic protector (girls)
    • shin pads
    • elbow pads
    • shoulder pads
    • gloves
    • skates
    • mouth guard
    • stick
    • neck guard