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14 U Girls Answer the wait...Ring the Bell for the WFHA Community Service Challenge!!

By Director of Marketing & Communications, 12/18/18, 8:45PM CST


Girls rock it again on the 15th of December!!

This past Saturday the 14U girls team took advantage of the beautiful December weather and answered the bell of the WFHA Community Service Challenge.  How?  By RINGING the Salvation Army Bell @ the 13th Avenue Walmart. 

They attacked their outing like a finely tuned penalty kill by splitting the group in two and covering both entrances.  Not only that but they created a rotation to keep everyone engaged and lively. 

The real magic started (as well as the donations) when they started singing Christmas carols while ringing the bell. 

Who's having more fun than the little lady Stampeder's?  NOBODY!!

THANK YOU to Jill Glienke for coordinating the event for the team.

Ladies 43% Complete 

Dudes 0.0% Complete (Rivaling a Blutarsky GPA)