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10U A & B Girls are the FIRST to Answer the WFHA Community Service Challenge

By Director of Marketing & Communications, 12/18/18, 12:15AM CST


10U A & B Girls Sign Up to Brighten the Holidays for Guests @ The Ronald McDonald House

Last year via survey the Association received member feedback; the players need to become more involved in the community. 

As a the beginning of the season, Jason Gregoire issued a "challenge" to all the teams: "Participate in one community service project, represent the association with pride, make a difference and have fun doing it."

Well...we have our FIRST "Go Getters" of the season.  Ladies and Gentleman...Boys and Girls...I give you the 10U A & B Girls.  And they couldn't wait to tell Jason about what they had done.  To say they were gotta' love a group of girls!!

As you can see from the pics...the girls spent some time making Christmas Ornaments to decorate the trees at The Ronald McDonald House. 

If you aren't familiar with the is a very special place.  My wife and I stayed their when our first son was born.  We were lucky and he's now a teenager.  But let me just say...the RMH made something difficult feel very much less so...and I want to personally thank the girls for reminding me, during the holidays, how special it was.  And I for one am extremely proud that is where they decided to do their service.

Great job ladies!!  #Represent  #WFHA-ServiceChallenge

Who's next?  Time is running out.  We are just about at the half-way point.  Manage up everyone!!  Anyone can get their team started.  All it takes is one idea.  Soup kitchens are OPEN!!