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It's Time to Play: "Scorekeeping, Clock Operation, Monitoring the Penalty Boxes & DJ/Announcing True or False"

By Director of Marketing & Communications, 11/27/18, 11:15PM CST


Quick Note to Current Members:  With games now in full swing we wanted to clarify the 2018-2019 member requirements for Off-Ice Officiating.  It has varied in the past.  So no one is crazy/wrong/right.  We just need to let everyone know.   

Off-Ice Officiating:  Score Keeping, Clock Operation, Monitoring the Penalty Boxes and DJ/Announcing

Here's the "Who's Who" Guide: Guess Who? You're a Member...IT's you!! Yeah Baby...Everybody's All-In!!!

In the spirit of a non-profit organization (in our case a group of members joining together, working together...banded together to further a cause - youth hockey) for the 2018-2019 season Off-Ice Officiating is a requirement of all member families. 


"My cousin Eddy moved in with us this past August and is coaching this year.  So our DIBS are covered.  We don't have to work the box."


Thank cousin Eddy for us and we appreciate him taking care of your DIBS.  But...the box is operated "by the team" and is not a DIBS activity.  Saddle up Clark.


"Check this out...Jim was out pheasant hunting and shot his dog.  He's supposed to run the scoreboard but he's at the vet.  The Team Manager asked me to fill in.  So glad I don't really have to."


Your Team Manager "manages the team" and represents the association.  When they politely delegate, via code #8,345 of the non-profit "best practices" book...there is no "i" in humbly accept.  Team works the box.  Say no...and a swarm of locusts will fall upon your strawberry garden.


"The kids love the music and I love pretending to be "DEADMAU5".  Since I signed up for my passion...I guess I need to get over my stage fright, make it even more special for the kids and do a little announcing."


Yes...yes you do.  If you wanna' rock the gotta' rock the mic.  If you are decent..."Beat Boxing" is allowed.  (Please read the crowd after your attempt to confirm you should "Beat Box" again...EVER.)  Take one for the team deadmau5.  


"We are going to be gone in a couple of weeks...taking the kids to see Spinal Tap and then stopping off at Stonehenge.  Grandma and Grandpa are watching the kids.  I wonder if I should try and switch with someone?  Nah...they'll figure it out."


Time to represent...see who's off-ice officiating in the future, call them up and see if they'll switch.  The team manager manages the team but isn't your travel administrator.  Make the switch...or at the minimum...tell Grandpa to break out the transistor radio and treat the crowd to the sweet beats of some Polka while he announces and gets all the kids' names wrong. 


"So what you're sayin' is...all the families will get scheduled to Off-Ice Officiate via the team manager and we're responsible for our scheduled slot regardless of DIBS, any role we have or whether or not we are "feeling it" that day.  True Dat?"


Word "G"...Word