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New Fundraiser: You Shop & Amazon Gives to the WFHA

By Director of Marketing & Communications, 11/26/18, 5:15PM CST


Lauching today - CYBER MONDAY!! Calling All members who wanted more and easier fundraising options...Today is your Day!!

The WFHA Christmas List is long and getting longer:

1) More seating in Vets 2

2) Better PA System

3) More ice to support a Termite program planned for 60 that ended up at 120 kids this year.

4) More options for fundraising.

YOU...YES YOU can help make that Christmas list come true.  And all you have to do is shop.  All ANYONE has to do is shop.  Whenever anyone follows the steps below, Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of eligible purchases to the WFHA. 

The average Amazon Prime member spends $1300 per year.  If you and 1 friend both use the WFHA link all year our costs go down $13. 

We have approximately 300 families in the WFHA right now.  If every family used the link and got one other family to do the same for one doing nothing we earn approx. $4,000 for the WFHA!! 

And you don't even have to get up.  But you do have to lift a finger.  

It's as easy as 1, 2 and 3...and more important than anything 4, 5 and 6.  

Step 1: Click on this Link:

Step 2:  You will be asked if you want to support the West Fargo Hockey Association...say...umm...wait for it...YES PLEASE!!

Step 3:  Spend as much money as you want and tell whoever asks about the credit card bill it was for a great cause.

Step 4:  Copy and paste the link into an email and send it to all your friends, family...your 3rd cousin Eddy serving time...and ask them to PLEASE shop Amazon via this link and say YES to supporting the West Fargo Hockey Association!!

Step 5:  Share this article to your Facebook or Twitter page and ask all your social media friends and followers to shop Amazon via this link and say YES to supporting the West Fargo Hockey Association.

Step 6:  Don't forget to tell them to save it in their browser so it's easy to find.  

Happy Holidays - give the link that keeps on giving all year round!!