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CAUTION - Stay Out from Underneath the Bleachers

By Director of Marketing and Communication, 11/18/18, 10:45PM CST


Please Keep those Not On the Ice In-Check As Well

Good Evening Members -

Now that the bleachers are operational we are faced with a new issue:  The P.A. system is down/went down due to some little ones playing under the bleachers, tripping over some cords and yanking out all the wiring that runs the system.


The rinks are a big space and it is great to see all the activity.  Players, siblings, cousins...Ferris' best friend's sister's boyfriend who knows this guy who went with this girl and brought their kids to watch hockey after a stop at 31 flavors - everyone should have fun!!

However, unfortunately the arena is not completely "kid proof" like a day care.  There is electricity/voltage and a lot of metal underneath the bleachers.   (Hint:  ZAP)

If you have little ones associated with your family passing the time and keeping themselves busy...make sure they don't do it under the bleachers and follow ALL the West Fargo Parks rules while inside the arena.

If you see little ones underneath the bleachers tell them to "Get Out of There" or "Knock It Off" in your best Mr. Wilson voice.

Children caught playing under the bleachers:

  • Will be given free Skittles and Mt. Dew
  • Be told they are getting a new puppy for Christmas
  • Be told not to ask mom & dad - it would ruin the surprise
  • Be told Santa Clause DOES NOT exist
  • Will be given a flyer for Fleet Farm Toyland and told everyone who goes to MFF after hockey gets free toys and ice cream.  

Parent's Parent.  Members Police.  Kids Behave. 

Thank You!