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CALENDAR...Back from the Dead

By Director of Marketing & Communications, 11/02/18, 3:15PM CDT


How To Add WFHA Calendar to Your SmartPhone Calendar

Highly recommended. Do this so when the WFHA calendar changes, it automatically changes on your mobile device. If you type the schedule in, you will manually have to watch for updates. Note - be sure you understand how the calendar in your smarthphone refreshes.

How To Create Your Own WFHA App (Not SportEngine App)

Use this tutorial to put a West Fargo App Icon on your phone. In one click you can be on the WFHA website. No need to go through your browser and type in the address.

How To Add the SportEngine App to Your Smartphone

NOTE: The SportEngine app is not designed for just one activity. It is designed to host all your activities operated via SportEngine (baseball, football, soccer, hockey, etc.). If you have multiple kids in multiple activities and they all use SportEngine this may be for you. If you are only interested in one activity, it gets a little clunky. You will have to learn on your own. This link will take you through those tutorials. If you don't like Clunky See - "How To Create Your Own WFHA App" link above.

Calendar Announcement

We apologize for the delay.  While in the long run technology speeds things up, sometimes in the short term it screws everything up.  Here is what you need to know:

  • We were forced to abandon the integration with AutoIce...for now.  Their support team could not get the issue corrected.  We had given them until today.   They did get the puck into the net before the buzzer.  


  • From time to time, the Calendar may, can and will change. 


  • It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED you complete the tutorial (link above) on "How To Add the WFHA Calendar to your Smartphone Calendar".  This way, if there is a change to the  WFHA Calendar, your phone will automatically update.
    • If you choose to manually enter your schedule into your calendar that is fine but you will be responsible for checking back for updates. 


  • Calendar is loaded with information for November.
    • All practices are loaded.
    • Not all games are loaded.  Many are still being scheduled.
    • Games will be loaded in the coming days once the schedule is finalized.
    • There have been questions about "rotations" for various reasons.  If we create any rotations we will do so on a monthly basis to create a balance between consistency (always knowing where you need to go) with preferred times (i.e. someone not always going early or late).
      • Please keep in mind; rotations are easy when you have the perfect number of levels/teams to rotate with.  In some instances...consistency will trump rotation in lieu of driving everyone crazy.  


  • DRYLAND - you will not see "dedicated" Dryland sessions on the calendar.
    • Dryland training (stick handling, Plyometrics, etc.) will be handled by the coaches and worked in along with your normal practice time.  
    • Coaches have the Dryland Training Exercises for the 2018-2019 Program and will inform the parents and players when it will be necessary to bring the relevant gear.  
    • As long as the kids wear tennis shoes and athletic wear to practice - they can never go wrong. 

More information will be provided at the upcoming Parents Meetings.