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By Director of Mktng & Comm, 10/14/18, 2:00PM CDT


New Scheduling Software - Firing it up this WEEK!!

WFHA Members - 

In the past our Master Schedule was implemented manually.  This was a VERY time consuming task and a lot of responsibility for one person to handle.  In the spirit of operational excellence, we saw this as a huge opportunity to become more efficient.

After a lot of evaluation of how different associations like Moorhead and Fargo manage their schedule, platforms/apps that are out there and how well all these different solutions integrate with SportsEngine, we are excited to announce that we our bringing our scheduling into the age of technology.

Beginning this week we will begin loading the schedule in SportsEngine via the "Autoice Scheduler".  Autoice is capable of:

  • Automatically blocking out times/dates by parameters the user sets.  This dramatically reduces the likelihood of double booking or conflicts.
  • You can merge other schedules with it like the High School practice schedule to also create blockout dates.
  • Create consistent times and locations for teams/levels through automated repetition in the calendar.
  • Keeps track of all purchased ice time.  This dramatically reduces the likelihood of non-used ice/cost via reporting vs. reviewing in a spreadsheet - better protecting precious funding.
  • Allows a person to rent/bill ice with automation and track that activity rather than manual communication or action.


What does this also mean for this season?

We believe we will have the schedule for the season loaded this week so you can activate your icalendar and get "connected" for the year.  Stay tuned!!

And if you are interested, check out Autoice by clicking the link below: