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On-the-Ice News From the Desk of Jason Gregoire

By Director of Marketing & Communication, 09/30/18, 12:30PM CDT


Puck drop is getting close!!  Here are the latest updates.

We still have a lot of details to work out before the upcoming season.  Here is where we are at to date.  

Tryouts for Squirts - Bantams October 22nd-27th

  • 3 Days of Practice (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday)
  • 2 scrimmages (Friday, Saturday)
  • Evaluators from outside West Fargo will be picking the teams:
    • 5 independent evaluators have been hired to evaluate each player.
    • The evaluators will be given a jersey number only with no other identifiers (name, team last year, team this summer, parents, board members etc…) available to them.
    • This will eliminate all biased opinions on your player and will ensure we get the players in the right spots based on their ability/potential. 
    • Coaches and coordinators will not have any say in picking the teams again eliminating any biased opinions of players. 
  • Tryouts will be closed
    • Stressful enough time for the players.
    • Let them play and not worry about mom and dad.
    • Please drop your kids off and pick them up when practice is over.  They will appreciate it. 
  • Teams will be announced Oct 28th at noon on the website. 

Program Structure/Details for Termites & Mites


  • TBD - waiting to see where the numbers will end up before lock in a structure.
  • Historically we have a lot of Termites register just before the season as many are new to the program.


  • 3 levels 
    • Yellow - (i.e. Jedi Padawan) - roughly 30 players in this group.
    • Green - (i.e. Jedi Knight) -  roughly 40 players in this group
    • Blue - (i.e. Jedi Master) roughly 30 players in this group
    • There will be very little to no movement of the players from these groups. 
  • Practice will be on Tuesday and Fridays.
    • Each level will have independent practice from the others.
    • This will increase repas, play against similar players and allow coaches to design and align drills to the players developmental needs.
  • New for 2018-2019 - the ADM model will continue to be a foundational element of the program but will be adapted accordingly to ensure we hit all areas of development for the players.
  • All will play ½ ice games on Sunday afternoons.
  • Mid-season in house tournament- we will combine all groups into 8 teams and play for full ice games for the "STAMPEDE CUP". 
  • End of year tournament - Same as above except with new teams.
  • We will also be playing some ½ ice games against surrounding towns to keep the games fresh and fun.


Did you know the # of A, B1 and B teams, by level, are determined before registration even begins?

In the off-season, the structure of Squirts - Bantams was a major focus for the Hockey Operations Committee. If you are interested in understanding everything that goes into how "A", "B1", and "B" teams are determined, click the link above. Thanks, WFHA

Program Structure for Squirts - Bantams


  • Click Here to see how the teams were determined:
  • 2 "A" Teams
  • 4 "B1" Teams
  • 2 "B" Teams
  • Special Note to Squirt Families:
    • Ideally our teams finish around .500 for the season.
    • We want them to have success and we want them to have failures. 
    • Having 1 or 2 teams going undefeated in squirts is not the right way to develop a multitude of players long term and does not challenge the skills of every player on the team.
    • We are having smaller team sizes (8 forwards, 4 defense and 1 goalie) throughout the level to maximize ice time, puck touches, key minutes in games, special team play etc…




Sunday Morning, Wednesday Night & Holiday Break(s)


  • Wednesday’s will be off for all groups except Termites.
  • Hockey Ops will also do their best to NOT schedule any home games before 11:00 AM on Sundays.  Won't always be possible but we will do our best.
  • This schedule/format follows the majority of the hockey programs in the area.  


  • We will be taking December 23rd-December 30th off. 
  • This will be a great time for family vacations and to just get away and reset for the 2nd half of the season. 
  • There will be open ice during this time for those that want it, but nothing will be mandatory. 
  • We are currently trying to work the schedule so we are off for Thanksgiving as well.  This may not be entirely possible, but Jason Gregoire will do his best.   


Introducing Sunday Night Goalie Club

  • Once the season gets started we will be hosting weekly Goalie clinics on Sunday night. 
  • Along with this, we will be hosting a once a month goalie try-it night to give Mite/squirt age goalies a chance to try some goalie drills out, stop some pucks and have some fun. 


Termites - TBD

Mites - TBD

Squirts - Eli Duncan

Peewees - Zach Feltman

Bantams - Ryan Evenson

Girls - Keith Walsh

Goalies- Jason Gregoire