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Stampede News: Week Ending Dec 18, 2022

By WFHA, 12/12/22, 1:00PM CST


Quote of the Week: "Stop worrying about what others do or think, that's a waste of energy, focus on the things you can control, focus on yourself." -Unknown


Box Worker Training This Week

This Thursday, December 15th at 7 p.m. there is Box Worker Training at West Fargo Sports Arena for anyone interested in getting more comfortable with how to perform duties.  No need to sign up---just show up at 7 p.m. sharp to make the most of your time with our trainer! Click HERE for more information. 


WFHA Weather Policy

With the forecasted weather, we wanted to remind you that the weather policy can be found on our website under CALENDAR > WEATHER POLICY.    The most important thing to know is that we will update you as soon as any decision has been made.  Email is the #1 way we will communicate this with our members so keep up-to-date on your Stampede emails. 

A few FAQ that we receive that might help answer your questions: 

School is cancelled. Does that automatically mean that practice is cancelled? 

  • The West Fargo Public School District has more variables to consider than WFHA, so we use this as a valuable piece of information but it's not an automatic cancellation if school is cancelled.  Refer to the Weather Policy for more detailed information. 
  •  In the event of a 6 a.m. practice and school has been delayed, cancelled, or gone to a distance learning day for that day, that practice will automatically be cancelled. 

We have a team coming from out of town for a game tomorrow.  Are they here yet ? 

  • Thankfully we only have to plan travel for the Stampede teams but will notify your Team Scheduler and/or coach as soon as we hear from any team that is unable to make it for any reason. 

It's Wednesday and we have an out of town tournament this weekend. Is the tournament still on?

  • The tournaments are on unless WFHA is notified otherwise by the Tournament Host.  We are in frequent communication with your Coach and/or Team Scheduler about any changes in games and/or tournaments.  Most teams will plan ahead, carpool, etc.  and take it slow as in any winter travel.

 I think it's unsafe to drive in this weather.  Will my kid be punished for not attending this practice/game? 

  • Parents/Guardians ultimately reserve the right to determine whether their child should participate in WFHA activities on any particular day. Children who don’t participate in WFHA hockey events due to questionable/stormy weather conditions will not be reprimanded for their absence.   

Stay safe and stay warm Stampede!



Tuesday, December 13
Mustang JV vs Fargo Davies; 5:15 pm at Scheels Arena
Mustang Varsity vs Fargo Davies; 7:30 pm at Farmers Union
Packer JV vs Red River; 5:15 pm at WFSA Main
Packer Varsity vs Red River; 7:30 pm at WFSA Main

Friday, December 16
United vs Fargo Davies; 7:00 pm at WFSA Aux
Mustang JV vs Fargo South-Shanley, 5:15 pm at WFSA Main
Mustang Varsity vs Fargo South-Shanley, 7:30 pm at WFSA Main
Packer JV vs Fargo North; 5:15 pm at Fargo Coliseum
Packer Varsity vs Fargo North; 7:30 pm at Fargo Coliseum

For up-to-date information and more details, check out the team's website as shown below:
Sheyenne Hockey
United Hockey
West Fargo Hockey