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Stampede News: This Week Thru Nov. 21

By WFHA, 11/15/21, 5:00PM CST


Forget to Pick Up Your Winter Raffle Tickets?

All WFHA families are required to participate in the annual Winter Raffle, unless all of their players participate in Squirt/10U In-House Only or the Rec League.  If you missed picking up your tickets during last week's picture nights, you can stop by our office on Monday-Friday between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. at 1150 Prairie Parkway Suite #100 to pick them up.  You are also able to pick up more tickets and turn them in at our office during these same times as well.   Click HERE to find out more!

Representing The Stampede

As the Stampede, we want to ensure that we are representing our team and association in the best possible light when we are at our home and away rinks, as well as staying at hotels, team dining, etc.  Be sure you are treating each facility as if it were your own by picking up after yourselves, treating employees with respect, and going above and beyond to ensure they are excited to see us return!


Amazon Smile is the same as shopping on Amazon, but with a charitable donation built in at no cost to you. All you have to do is pick your charity and then SHOP!  Click HERE to find out more!

Streaming Services for Watching Hockey

Live Streaming Services

If you have friends or family who would like to watch your kids play when they are unable to make it to the game, there are multiple streaming services that are often used by area arenas to stream hockey.  Some are free and some are subscription based (great holiday gift idea for grandparents!)

LiveBarn Web

Pixellot Viewer App   (often used in central and western North Dakota)

 Our home rinks of Vets 1 & 2 use LiveBarn while WFSA currently does not have live streaming services. 

Rink-Owned Streaming Services

Some rink facilities provide their own streaming services free of charge.  One location that we visit most often is the ICON in Grand Forks with the Red Pepper Cam!

Red Pepper Cam at Icon in Grand Forks

Live Streaming Yourself

Many parents will live stream games themselves with apps like Facebook Live , Twitch and YouTube 

Please ensure you are complying with all WFHA policies when live streaming games and team events.