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Covid Procedure Reminder

By Marketing and Communication, 02/16/21, 11:30AM CST



We are rounding the corner to the end of our 2020-2021 season. There are teams traveling ND and MN for tournaments, end-of-season Jamborees, Squirt International, State tournaments and WFHA is hosting three State Tournaments.    

What we’re saying is, while the end is in sight, we still have many things happening here in the next six weeks. As much as COVID fatigue is real, so is the fact that COVID is still in our communities.  We have to remain vigilant with our COVID policies and procedures that we have had in place the entire season.  This means:

  • Players need to be masked from the time they get to the rink until the time they leave the rink, unless they have their helmet on.  This includes the locker rooms.
  • Coaches must wear a mask while on the ice and on the benches.
  • Please don’t allow siblings/younger children to run around the rinks.
  • Non travel teams must come to the rink dressed as much as possible.  
    • There are no locker rooms available. 
    • Cannot come to the rink more than 15 minutes prior to the event and they must leave immediately after their scheduled event.
    • Only one parent is allowed at the rink for practice.  
  • Travel teams will not be allowed into the locker rooms more than 30 minutes prior to their game.  They also must leave the rink within 15 minutes after their event has ended. 
    • NO parents are allowed at practice.
    • May only arrive at the rink 15 minutes prior to scheduled practice time and must leave within 15 minutes after practice ends.

We know this all seems redundant. But it is serious.  As you know, COVID could take out an entire team(s).  We would hate to see that happen during our final weeks of hockey when State tournaments and the many other important events are happening.  Our Members have done a great job all season when it comes to our COVID policies and COVID reporting. We are asking you to hang on six more weeks and keep our players healthy.

Thank you,

Jason Gregoire

COVID Reporting Link

As always, this link is only used for WFHA reporting purposes. It is not shared with anyone.