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UPDATE 1/18/20 8:00 AM

By Marketing and Communication, 01/17/20, 9:30AM CST


UPDATED 1/18/20 at 8:00 am


Veterans Arena is closed today, Saturday, January 18th.  All scheduled games there have been cancelled.




UPDATED 1/17/20 at 8:30PM


West Fargo Public Schools has cancelled all of their activities and facilities for 1/17, 1/18 and 1/19.  Therefor, the West Fargo Sports Arena will be closed for the weekend and no games will be taking place there.  

West Fargo Park District only cancelled their activities for today, 1/17/20 as of now.  They will be making the call for 1/18 and 1/19 when they see fit.  If you have games at Veterans Arena they are still on as of this update.  Should they close, games and such will not be taking place.  We will continue to update Sports Engine as we hear cancellations.  Please check your schedule before heading to the rink. 



As a reminder, if West Fargo Public Schools cancels school the West Fargo Sports Arena closes as well.  Because of this policy games that were scheduled at WFSA for today have been cancelled.  

As of right now Veterans Arena is open but the West Fargo Park District will be making their closing call later in the day.  

Games scheduled in Moorhead are still on as scheduled as of right now.  We will be updating Sports Engine as games become cancelled.  We will also let Coordinators/Team Managers know and they will get the information out to the teams.

In other words, you'll know as soon as we do!  Thank you and stay warm!