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2019-2020 Regular Season Registration is NOW OPEN!!

By WFHA Marketing & Comm Team, 07/01/19, 7:10AM CDT



Key Dates:

7/1/2019            Registration Open Date             Scholarship Open Date

8/15/2019         Last day for $100 Discount Per Player*

10/7/2019          Registration Close Date           Scholarship Close Date

*Returning members only.  New members get discount through registration closure of 10/7/2019.


If you are new to hockey and want more information, feel free to check out this page with more information or contact the WFHA Hockey Office at 701-281-4791.  


We have quite a few great changes for you and the membership. Below are the key improvements we are eager to share with you about the upcoming season!

AA Teams have been approved for both the Bantam and Peewee levels.  Players interested should register at their appropriate level and can tryout in the fall when details are communicated. 

Consent for the WFHA Handbook, Player Code of Conduct and Parent Code of Conduct are all now captured as a part of the registration process.  No more paper and pens at Team Meeting night!

Dibs are posted in the system already for the early birds who register early and eager to claim their volunteer opportunities.  You must have your player registered for the 2019-2020 season before you will be able to view the dibs. If you are not one of the early birds, do not worry as there will be plenty of opportunities for the upcoming season!

Early age cut off for players will now be 7/1/2016 and firmly enforced.  Previously, a player could be approved if able to participate and born after the minimum date. 

Early Bird Discount continues for this year allowing returning players to receive a $100 discount if registered on or before August 15th!  First-year players (to USA Hockey) will receive the $100 discount through registration closure of October 7th. 

Free Hockey for first-year termites and $150 off registration for all other players new to USA Hockey!

Neck guards will be recommended to play at every level within WFHA effective with the 2019-2020 season. 

New Jerseys are coming for all Stampede travel players!  The difference for this fall is that the purchase of game socks will be the responsibility of the players and will be available at a local sports retailer.  This allows members to have access to socks in their size and on their schedule! In-house socks and jerseys continue to be donated by Play-It-Again Sports in Fargo. 

Pay at the Level You Play for players who move up beyond the level they registered for.  This will happen mostly with the Bantam AA, Peewee AA and girls program allowing players to register and only pay the difference if they accept the offer to move to a higher level. 

Recreation League will be offered December thru February to players who wish to continue their passion for hockey without the additional travel and practice.  If your player may be undecided about the upcoming season, more details about the rec league can be found below to help make this decision easier. 

Refunds will only be allowed through registration closure of October 7 at all levels.  The exception would be for players who have season-ending injuries reporting to WFHA accompanied by a physicians notice.  

Registration Costs remain the same at all levels. 

Scholarship applications will be taken via web applications through registration closure.  Prompt review of these applications will allow members who require financial assistance to have their application reviewed prior to completing their registration online. 

Squirt/10U In-House leagues will start this year as a supplement to their travel games and practices.  This is a huge opportunity for these players to do what they enjoy most…PLAY! What we don’t tell them is how much they will learn and grow with these games.

Team Managers will have the support spread across multiple positions this year.  Depending on the level, there could be up to three individuals responsible for general team management tasks, scheduling and communication.   If this interests you, please make sure to mark your area of interest during registration. 

Unfulfilled Dibs or Fundraising from the prior year will prevent those players from registering until their balance has been paid. This helps keep everyone working together to keep costs low for all players. 

Volunteer Interests are now captured during the registration process.  This will help our committees locate our members who have interest and strengths in particular areas.  We cannot guarantee you will receive dibs in your field of preference, but it helps us find the best-of-the-best in our membership to complete these tasks!

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