The registration keeps putting me at a different level than I normally play.  What should I do?
Our registration is based off of your date of birth in compliance with USA Hockey regulations.  If your player normally plays with a different level and the system continues to guide them into their age group, please register at that group and contact Jason Gregoire at to notify him of the need to move groups.

Are there sessions aimed at skaters New to Hockey?
We do not have first-time skater sessions during our Stampede Summer Academy but we do recommend those interested in hockey attend our Intro to Hockey in the fall.

I can't attend some of the sessions.  Can I pay for just the sessions I go to?
No, unfortunately the cost of camps was kept low to ensure we can still pay for ice and coaches therefore the prices are set as-is.

Are scholarships available?
Yes, reach out to Jason Gregoire at or 701-707-2140 prior to registering to find out more.  

What is your refund policy?
Refunds will be allowed 30 days prior to the start date of the session.  Injuries will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

When will I get my discount for attending both sessions at the Bantam, Peewee, Squirt and Girls Level?
Refunds will be issued after the second session via the same payment device that paid for your last session.  This should occur by the end of August 2022.  Note:  Players who attend two sessions will not receive two jerseys, t-shirts, water bottles, or any other items provided as a part of the program. 

What happens if my session doesn't have the minimum number of registrants for my group?
Groups less than the minimum may be cancelled.  WFHA reserves the right to merge “like” groups which may cause a change in your day.

Can we leave our equipment at the rink?
Yes, we are working with the West Fargo Park District to determine a plan for storage and security of your equipment during your session and will communicate this prior to your arrival the first day of camp.

Are jerseys provided?
Yes, jerseys will be provided and sizes will be taken during the registration process.

Can Mite/8U goalies use WFHA equipment?
Mite/8U goalies can use WFHA goalie gear but helmets and skates are not provided and will be the responsibility of the player. 

If I attend Session I, will Session II be exactly the same material?
Although Session II may cover the same material, we will do our best to accommodate the needs of all new and returning players in both sessions.

What happens if I forget my tennis shoes for off-ice, stick handling, or shooting?
If your player forgets his or her tennis shoes, they will not be sent home but will find it difficult to fully participate in the skills and drills.  They may receive modified activities or be asked to sit out without proper equipment.

Do you need helpers (shooters, coaches, volunteers, etc.)?
Adult volunteers are needed for the goalie, mite and termite sessions.  Contact Jason at or 701-707-2140 to find out more.

Do you need goalies to help for the skater sessions?
Goalies are not needed for any of the skater sessions this year.

 Some sessions appear long.  Will you be providing breaks to the players on those days?
Yes, we will allow a 15 minute transition between events as seen on the schedule.  This time will be used to allow the players a break to change, take a small break and have a drink or snack as needed.  Snacks and drinks will not be provided but players are welcome to bring their own.