Skating skills, stickhandling, passing, shooting, situational drills and small area games. We will also have position specific drills and skills for a segment of each practice. Certified, experienced coaches on the ice to help make a productive experience for all levels of players. 

Equipment needed- full hockey equipment will be needed at all times on the ice including a water bottle. Jerseys will be provided. 

Location- Vets 2

Off-ice will consist of agility drills, running, sprinting, hand/foot-eye drills, body awareness and fun games.  The idea of the off-ice portion of the day will be to make the kids better athletes. 

Equipment needed- athletic clothes, athletic shoes and a water bottle.

Location- Track in Vets 1

Stickhandle- Players will be put through a variety of different drills to help increase hand speed, width, depth and deception.

Equipment needed- stick and gloves and water bottle.

Location-Gym in Vets 1

Shooting- Players will use their own sticks and gloves and work on a variety of different shots to increase velocity, quickness and deception. 

Equipment needed- tennis shoes, stick and gloves and water bottle

Location- Shooting room in Vets 2.