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Guests of WFHA


  • WFHA will not be performing symptom checks at any of our practices, games, or tournaments.  We ask that all players, coaches and officials do so prior to leaving home.  
  • For all WFHA events wear a mask while in the rink.  Players need to wear a mask until they have their helmet on. Social distancing is highly encouraged both on and off the ice, in the locker rooms and facilities in general. 
  • Warm-ups will not be allowed within the facility before games, but can occur outdoors if a safe distance from each entrance. 
  • Teams will not be allowed in the arena more than 30 minutes before games as locker rooms will not be open until then and loitering will not be permitted.  Teams will have only 15 minutes after each game to exit the facility. 
  • Water fountains may or may not be available based on the facility rules so come prepared. 
  • ONLY players and coaches are allowed in the locker rooms unless requested by a coach in emergency situations.  Not only is this a USA Hockey regulation (Safesport and Background check clear) but it's a helpful way to limit the spread. 


  • Spectators should arrive no more than 15 minutes before their scheduled event to prevent your contact with others who may be exiting from the prior event held at the arena.  Exiting the arena immediately after your event is required. 
  • For all WFHA events please wear a mask in the rink. 
  • Children must remain with their parent/guardian at all times.  Running around the rink will not be permitted. 
  • Concessions may or many not be available based off of the facility preference and staffing.  Please understand if they are unable to provide these benefits at your event. 
  • LiveBarn does have live stream in both rinks of Veterans Memorial Arena, but not West Fargo Sports Arena due to it being on school property.