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As a non-profit organization, West Fargo Hockey Association has many fundraising initiatives each year to help keep our kids on the ice. The Winter Raffle remains the only REQUIRED fundraiser that families must participate in. However, families are also invited to participate in the Gun Raffle, an OPTIONAL fundraiser to help off-set their hockey registration fees.

Winter Raffle

Winter Raffle is the association’s biggest fundraiser of the year and tickets were distributed to all families to sell on picture nights.  We often include over 80 amazing prizes including a Car, ATV & 4-wheeler. 

Who is Required to Sell Tickets?
Fundraising is a necessary requirement for participation in WFHA, with the exception of the Squirt/10U Non-Travel and Rec League.  Fundraising helps offset costs of registration and helps contribute to ice rental expenses, equipment, coach compensation, and other necessary expenses to conduct business.  Each family is encouraged to do their best to fundraise using outside resources as to not incur additional costs to themselves. 

Members who choose not to fulfill their raffle requirements will be billed at the buy-out value for their family.

What is My Family Required to Sell? 
Tickets are $20.00 each and single-skater families will be required to sell 20 Tickets and multi-skater families will be required to sell 30 Tickets.  

Are Checks Accepted?
If possible we would like each family to collect the cash and write one check to WFHA at ticket turn in.  If someone writes a check for a single ticket, please have them make it out to WFHA.

When Do Tickets Need to Be Turned In?
Dates and locations will be put out to the membership closer to that time.

Can I Get Additional Books of Tickets to Sell?
Yes, additional ticket books are available at the office:

Jason Campbell, Gaming Director    701-707-2120 
Tyson Nelson, Assistant Gaming Director  701-707-2130 

Gun Raffle

What is the Gun Raffle and Do I Have to Sell Tickets?
The Gun Raffle is not mandatory but is another great fundraiser for WFHA. Members who volunteer to help us sell tickets can also earn money back towards their  hockey registration fees! Learn more at  under the "Sell Tickets & Earn" tab.

To check out books of Gun Raffle tickets to sell, contact: 

Jason Campbell, Gaming Director    701-707-2120 

Tyson Nelson, Assistant Gaming Director  701-707-2130