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2021-2022 COVID-19 Information

  • FACE MASKS:  If you choose to wear a mask, please feel free to do so but understand this is not a requirement of WFHA to participate.
  • ARRIVAL TIMES - Follow all WFHA rules on Locker Rooms, Arrival Times, etc.
    • Travel Teams  - Arrive No More than 15 Minutes Before Practices and 30 Minutes Before Games
    • Non-Travel Teams – Arrive No More than 15 Minutes Before Practices and Games.  Arrive dressed as much as possible.
  • SHARING - Don’t share water bottles, mouthguards, gum, boyfriends, etc.
  • REPORTING – Contact tracing is not currently required within WFHA but at any point a Travel Player is unable to attend dryland, practices, or games they should ALWAYS communicate this with their coach ahead of time.
  • GUESTS OF WFHA – Teams will not be allowed in the locker room more than 30 minutes before any game.
  • FACILITIES – The facilities utilized by WFHA are owned by the West Fargo Park District and the West Fargo School District and may have different rules for each facility that we are required to follow in order to participate at their venue.  Please check for posted rules and comply with all of them.
  • SIBLINGS – Siblings should be in the direct supervision of their parents at all times during WFHA events. 
  • TRAVEL GAMES – We are still required to comply with the rules at away games and tournament, so it will be up to your Team Manager and/or Team Scheduler to confirm and communicate those rules ahead of time to each team.
  • NOT FEELING WELL (GENERAL) - Stay home if you are not feeling well.
  • WHEN TO RETURN - If the Department of Health, or any other government agency, determines you contagious or under quarantine, you should not attend any WFHA events until they have cleared you. If your player cannot attend school under their policies, you should not attend any WFHA events until you are able to return to school.
  • CHANGES IN COVID POLICY – WFHA will continue to monitor the COVID spread and any changes will be communicated to parents, players, coaches and community partners in a clear and timely manner.