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West Fargo Hockey strives to give back to it's members in ways that will pay forward for years to come.  We are investing in our players by investing in our coaches.  Our coaches compensation has been updated as shown below. 


WFHA has realigned our compensation to more align with our goals to provide higher quality coaching.  Travel head coaches start at $3,000 per season and assistant coaches start at $2,500.  Squirt/10U Coaches are parent coaches and receive payment in-line with their player's registration cost.  Mite/8U/Termite/6U earn no financial compensation. 


Coaches at the Peewee, 12U, Bantam, 15U, and Junior Gold levels are expected to attend ongoing training throughout the season.  Coaches at these levels who attend all 10 sessions will be rewarded both in their training received as well as financially for their participation.  Breakdown is as follows: 

  • $25/Training Session
  • $50 Bonus if All 10 Attended 
  • Total earn of an extra $300 by the end of the season!


Any coach or member who refers a non-parent travel coach that identifies the individual who referred them on their coach registration, as well as a successful completion of the season,  will receive a $100 bonus at the end of the season. 


Travel parent and non-parent head coaches and non-parent assistant coaches who return after a first successful season will receive $100 per additional season at the end of the season to a maximum of $500.    For example, John is a non-parent travel who just completed his third season with WFHA.  He will receive $200 for at the end of this season for successfully completing two season beyond his first season.  

Certification Reimbursement

All coaches are required to be properly certified before supervising players.  USA Hockey registration fees, background check fees, level certification fees, and age-appropriate module fees are reimbursable based on face value of fees.


Non-parent head and assistant travel coaches are reimbursed for travel to and from their away WFHA hockey games where competition lies outside the greater Fargo Moorhead boundaries.
Reimbursement is $.585 per mile driven based on Google Maps published travel distances. WFHA will only pay for 1 vehicle unless prior approval from the Hockey Director. No receipts necessary but mileage must be indicated on the WFHA Reimbursement Form.


Lodging is based on dual occupancy unless otherwise approved by Hockey Director. One room per night will be covered by the Association. Head or assistant coach are responsible to make their own reservations and pay for their hotel rooms. Head or assistant coaches will be reimbursed for lodging at face value of hotel rates based on a reasonable hotel selection if they choose not to stay in the same hotel as the team. Reimbursement is authorized based on the reasonable necessity of lodging for any away competition including games and tournaments. Receipts necessary and are to be attached to the WFHA Reimbursement Form.


Meal reimbursement is set at a per diem rate of $25 per day and must be accompanied by at least one overnight stay. If a coach’s team plays one full game or more per any given day, and is accompanied by an overnight stay, he/she shall receive a meal reimbursement for that day. No receipts necessary but must be indicated with date on the WFHA Reimbursement Form.


Dibs are volunteer units required of all families in the WFHA membership. Parent coaches who successfully complete their season requirements as a coach will fulfill their "dibs" for the season. 

2022-2023 Payroll Schedule

3/17/2023  * Coaches will not receive final paycheck if all requirements are not completed.