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SportsEngine Chat


Keep connected to your team(s). Get schedules and team updates for every athlete in the house, plus a way to message other members on your team and a way to give coaches a heads up about practice. Enjoy unlimited access to scores & stats, photo/video sharing, and more.


As found in the 2021-2022 WFHA Handbook:

Chat Group/Social Networking Best Practices

For the purposes of “hockey related team issues” it is highly encouraged that teams use the SportsEngine team chat. It is best practice to ONLY use team chats to discuss team issues such as schedule changes, team related activities, etc. DO NOT use chats for other purposes such as voicing concerns/complaints about officiating, questioning coaching related matters, team problems, or other general complaints. This only creates unnecessary drama.

It is not the goal of the WFHA to limit individuals freedom of speech, however, the WFHA wants to provide a basic “best practices” guide that will contribute to a positive culture within the Association. Below is a list of “best practices” to consider when posting online:

1. If possible, it’s best to wait 24 hours before posting any type of comment on a team chat, unless it is directly related to a team schedule, practice, game, or other activity where information is needed immediately.

2. Consider how posts/comments could be construed by both members and non-members and how comments could affect team or Association culture.

3. Refrain from derogatory or defamatory comments about coaches, officials, opponents, WFHA members, or WFHA employees/volunteers.

4. Refrain from comments that could be construed as a threat of physical or emotional injury to another person.

5. Do not post comments or photos that describe unlawful assault, abuse, hazing, harassment or discrimination.