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10K Pucks

All players that register, track and shoot 10,000 pucks from June 1 to August 31st will have their name added to the wall board on Vets 1, have their name entered into a drawing for a $100 gift card to Play it Again Sports and receive a skate towel. 

All players must use the link above in order for us to be able to track it properly or will be excluded from the contest. 

2020 Summer Winners

Name Shot total level
Taylor Reese 10670 15U
Preston King 12534 Bantam
Keaton Jundt 10400 Peewee
Camden King 10380 Peewee
Carter Nelson 10085 Peewee
Hunter Rudolph 10900 Peewee
Hunter Rehm 13250 Peewee
Casey Aldinger 10425 Squirt
Jayden Thorstad 13600 Squirt
Jackson Rehm 13625 Squirt
Karden Jundt 10300 Mite
Samantha Graham 11300 8U